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Watch GTTV’s E3 Episode Now1 Comment

This week at E3 we filmed a special GTTV episode, featuring interviews with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, Microsoft’s John Schappert, and Sony’s Jack Tretton. Plus: In his only TV interview, Avatar director James Cameron fills us in on the new game. The good news is that you can now embed the show for viewing on other webpages, so check it out below:

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Spike Announces E3 First Look Special1 Comment

Next week we’re putting together a huge party on Spike to celebrate the kick-off of E3.  Today we released the first details on the show and there’s much more to come.  Read below and stay tuned!


“GTTV’s” Geoff Keighley, Rose McGowan And Tricia Helfer Unveil More Than 15 Blockbuster World Premieres And Breaking News In HD

Spike And Kick Off The Best And Most Extensive E3 Video Game Coverage

Major Games Set To World Premiere Include MASS EFFECT 2; RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME; The Playable Joker In BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM; DJ HERO; SPLIT/SECOND; ALIENS VS. PREDATOR And More Than 10 Others

“’GameTrailers TV’ Presents: The 2009 VGAs-E3 First Look Special” Premieres Thursday, May 28 At 11:00 PM ET/PT On Spike TV

NEW YORK, May 21, 2009 —  Spike TV and,  the leading on-air and online destinations for year-round video game programming, announced today the most comprehensive video game coverage plan in the network’s history. Spike’s unparalleled multi-platform coverage will kick-off the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The network will debut “GameTrailers TV Presents: The 2009 VGAs-E3 First Look Special,” a blow-out hour-long preview special that teams up with leading game publishers to unveil the most anticipated games of E3 before the game industry’s biggest trade show even opens.  The special marks the kick off to the “2009 Video Game Awards” which will air LIVE in December from Los Angeles.  In addition, will provide wall-to-wall, 24-hour coverage including high-definition gameplay videos, interviews and live, commercial-free streams of the five major press conferences from Xbox, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo.

“Every day of the year Spike is the #1 place guys go for gaming info across our hit brands like GameTrailers TV, “The Video Game Awards,” and video game launch specials,” said Kevin Kay, president, Spike TV.  “No other network comes close to our reach or impact and our plans for E3 2009 prove why Spike is the undisputed leader in the space.”

The E3 invasion begins on Thursday May 28 at 11:00 PM ET/PT, when Spike TV premieres “GameTrailers TV Presents: The 2009 VGAs-E3 First Look Special” from the Los Angeles Convention Center, the site of E3 2009.  Hosts Geoff Keighley and actress Rose McGowan (TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE VIDEOGAME) are joined by actress Tricia Helfer,’s Amanda MacKay and Daniel Kayser, rabid video game fans, special celebrity guests and big-name game developers for world premieres of more than 15 of the most anticipated E3 games.  In addition, Spike will reveal the first details about their “2009 Video Game Awards,” the biggest celebration of gaming on the planet.

Titles set to world premiere new content include: BioWare’s epic sci-fi role playing game MASS EFFECT 2; the worldwide debut of RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME; the playable Joker in BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM; new footage from BRUTAL LEGEND starring Jack Black; the first look at DJ HERO; the debut of JUST CAUSE 2; first-person fighting in NHL 10; the realistic racing of NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT; brand new characters revealed in MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2; a blockbuster MADDEN NFL 10 announcement; an exclusive new look at UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES; a preview of the E3 trailer for DANTE’S INFERNO; the first gameplay from the action-racer SPLIT/SECOND; the dark heroic fantasy of BioWare’s DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS; the premiere of new level from LOST PLANET 2; the first-ever footage of ALIENS VS. PREDATOR; the gameplay premiere of the racing game BLUR from Bizarre Creations; plus new details on MODERN WARFARE 2 from Infinity Ward and more surprise reveals still to be announced.

“We’re grateful that so many publishers have chosen to share sneak previews of their biggest E3 titles first with Spike and GameTrailers,” said Geoff Keighley, executive in charge of publisher relations, Spike.  “Spike is supporting the industry’s biggest tradeshow with our largest on-air commitment yet, and this is just the start of an amazing back-half of the year for video game programming on Spike.”

During E3, the action continues at, the internet’s leading destination for game media.  Last year the site garnered an industry-leading 58 million views of E3-related content.  At GameTrailers, viewers can watch E3 the way they want to, on-demand, with 24-hours of continuous HD coverage including developer walkthroughs, gameplay videos, interviews, live streams of the five major press conferences and a special episode of the roundtable talk show “The Bonus Round.”

“E3 is the biggest week of the year for and this year we are going to offer the best coverage of E3 by combining on-air and online resources to deliver a one-stop shop for gamers,” said Jon Slusser, senior vice president of digital and video games, Spike, and executive producer, GTTV.

On Thursday, June 4th, Spike TV gives E3 a send-off with a special wrap-up episode of  “Game Trailers TV With Geoff Keighley” at 12:30 AM ET/PT.  Shot on location during E3, GTTV grills the top executives from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to get the real story on the future of each gaming console. In addition, viewers will see world premieres not shown at E3, including FIFA 2010 from EA Sports.

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Army of Two Sequel and Dan Ackroyd on GTTVNo Comments

This Thursday night on Spike you can check out our latest episode of GTTV.  This one takes you behind the scenes of Army of Two: 40th Day at EA Montreal.  The first game didn’t receive the best reviews, but the team has taken the feedback to heart and delivered a game that looks to have tighter controls, epic scenarios, and great co-op moments.  We’ll be showing you the first gameplay footage and an epic trailer (edited by Ant Farm, the guys who produced the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare reveal trailer).

If that’s not enough, the show is packed with other exclusives.  The first gameplay footage of Saboteur from Pandemic; we chat with Dan Ackroyd about Ghostbusters: The Videogame and reveal a new boss character; the brand new trailer for Brutal Legend starring Jack Black (you’re going to LOVE this one); the first trailer for the new XBLA/PSN game Star Trek: D.A.C.; and we chat with Madden cover athlete Troy Polamalu.  It’s an epic GTTV, so make sure to check it out on Thursday night at 12:30 on Spike.

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New GTTVs with Madden, Fight Night, BioShockNo Comments

gdc-reggieThis month we’ve been pumping out lots of new original episodes of GameTrailers TV.  And there’s even better stuff to come leading up to E3 in early June.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch them, these are our three most recent shows:

Madden NFL 10 / Mafia II: This episode gives you the world exclusive first look at Madden NFL 10 for both the Xbox 360/PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.  It will be interesting to see if EA’s new artistic direction for the Wii version will work or not. I’ll reserve judgment until I sit down and play it.

This show also has a look at Mafia II from 2K Games, and exclusive new content for Ghostbusters: The Videogame and Prototype. [Watch This Episode at]

Fight Night Round 4: A few weeks ago I headed up to EA Sports in San Francisco to chat with Peter Moore and the team behind Fight Night Round 4.  FNR3 was a landmark game, and the sequel looks to be even better with refined controls and a much quicker response time to your actions.  On the show we also announced that a demo is coming in May, featuring a re-creation of the upcoming bout between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.  And if that wasn’t enough, we also world premiered a new villain for Batman: Arkham Asylum – Harley Quinn.  The Batman game is looking better and better every time I see it.  We’ll have another villain reveal for you in May. [Watch This Episode at]

GDC 2009: I always love our show from GDC, and this year was no different.  It’s our best show so far this year.  I had a great time chatting with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime about the Wii, DSi and Punch-Out!!  Reggie also gave us the world exclusive multiplayer trailer for Punch-Out!!  It was a big moment for us at the show because Nintendo doesn’t normally hand out exclusive trailers. In addition, we had some other huge scoops in the show: The announcement of the Killzone 2 DLC, and, a little world premiere for a game called BioShock 2.  Like always we brought you the first ever game footage of BioShock 2, and it seems like the fans are digging it.  It’s already up to nearly 1.5 million downloads on GameTrailers. [Watch This Episode at]

As always thanks for watching GTTV.  We have some great shows coming up in the weeks ahead as we countdown to E3 2009.

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Watch GTTV from Bioware Featuring Mass Effect 21 Comment

blog-biowareWant the latest news on Bioware? You can now watch this week’s episode of GTTV, which we filmed last week up at Bioware in Edmonton, Canada.  We have brand new footage of Dragon Age: Origins, and the first information on Mass Effect 2 from project director Casey Hudson.  When it comes to Mass Effect 2, watch the segment very carefully as Bioware drops a lot of hints in the footage you see.  Is that the Illusive Man in some of the concept art?  What about the Mako vehicle — does it now hover? And Casey drops a pretty big hint about the storyline when he says there’s a good chance you play Mass Effect 2 from multiple perspectives. (Yes, that brings back memories of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Halo 2, or even Knights of the Old Republic).

I’m really excited to learn more about ME2. All the speculation about the storyline shows that the fiction is very deep and compelling, and I have no doubt there are more surprises yet to be revealed.  On Monday we will be posting an extended cut of my interview with Casey on GameTrailers so you can see what didn’t make the half-hour show.

This episode also contains a number of world exclusive trailers such as RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME, BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2, GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, the opening cinematic from TERMINATOR SALVATION, and news that you can download the interactive Killzone 2 commercial this Thursday for free on PSN.

[GameTrailers TV Episode from Bioware]

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GTTV: Wolfenstein Unveiled, Watch the Episode NowNo Comments


BJ Blazkowicz is back!  You can now watch this week’s episode of GTTV on the return of Wolfenstein, which we filmed out at Raven Software in Madison, WI.  You’ll see the first gameplay, in addition to a brand new trailer, boss reveal, and a look at how Raven is approaching this long-in-development sequel. If you listen carefully you’ll also hear why the game has been in development so long. It first started as an open-world first-person shooter, an idea which has been significantly scaled back in the final product.

I’ve always been a big fan of Raven and co-founders Brian and Steve Raffell. (Little known fact: I launched GameSlice back in 1996 with a first look at Hexen, the sequel to Heretic that was produced at Raven).  After the shoot I played Wolf for a couple of hours at their office, and was impressed with how much is layer on top of the raw action.  The veil powers add a unique element of strategy, and the third person story/cutscenes add significant production value — something I wasn’t expecting from id and Raven. Even the opening of the game, with BJ arriving on a train, reminds me of the opening of Half-Life.

The singleplayer game on Xbox 360 feels very polished, which makes me think the rumored summer release won’t be a problem. Although we haven’t seen anything yet on multiplayer, which is being developed externally by some ex-Splash Damage folks.  One tidbit: Brian Raffell did disclose that veil powers will be featured in multiplayer, so I’ll be curious to see how slow motion works online.

Make sure to check out the show — Raven provided us with a ton of new gameplay footage and assets, so you get a really good overview of the game, storyline and details.

[Watch GameTrailers TV Episode 206 in HD]

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