Welcome to the New GameSlice

Welcome to the re-designed GameSlice! Longtime followers of my work may remember that over a decade ago – when I was in college – I began daily posts on this site about the gaming industry. Over the past few years this domain has been largely dormant, amounting to nothing more than a series of links to my work on other sites.

Recently I decided it was time to re-fresh GameSlice. While it may appear very much like “Geoff Keighley’s blog,” I want to set your expectations accordingly. Due to my schedule and constant travel I won’t be posting dozens of times a day and linking to breaking news. But I do plan to be more active on the site and post more frequent link to my work, inside tidbits on upcoming projects, and perhaps even an editorial now and then. This is also where you’ll get the first news on some of my upcoming shows and projects that are in development. If you haven’t figured it out already, my Twitter feed is also a good way to keep up with my antics around the country.

Or at least that’s my current thinking – which is probably subject to change, and definitely subject to your comments here on the site. (The webteam at Fuski has done a great job with the WordPress comment system on this site). At the very least this new site will make it easier for me to post updates, and provide a better way for you to learn about my latest projects.

Thanks for visiting.

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