Newsweek dubs him Mike Wallace meets Kurt Loder for the videogame generation. The Wall Street Journal calls him “an example of gaming journalism growing up.” Geoff Keighley has spent more than half his life covering the videogame business as a journalist, television personality, and producer. Today he serve as both host and executive producer of GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley, the #1 rated videogame show on TV, and has an overarching talent and development deal with MTV Networks Entertainment Group. His on-camera work includes GameStop TV in more than 5,000 retail locations around the country, and GameTrailers popular roundtable talk show The Bonus Round.

Behind the camera Geoff is one of the most prolific producers of videogame television, including Gears of War: Race to Launch for MTV, the landmark 5-hour documentary “I, Videogame” for the Discovery Channel, and various live event specials at the G4 network. Geoff has also hosted and executive produced a series of live videogame launch specials for Spike, including Halo 3: Launched with Linkin Park and Madden NFL 09 Kickoff Live! from the Rose Bowl.

Keighley, who was named one of the top 30 journalists under 30 in 2004 by NewsBios, is a magna cum laude graduate from the University of Southern California. Keighley also serves as co-chairmen of the Game Critics Awards, an independent group of journalists who award the annual Best of E3 and Game of the Year awards.