The Final Hours of Portal 2: Now Available for iPad

I’ve been keeping a secret. Over the past few years I’ve been working on a story about the making of Portal 2 at Valve. Earlier this week the game came out, so it was time to launch The Final Hours of Portal 2 for iPad. It will be coming soon to other platforms, but for now check it out if you happen to own an iPad. The story takes you through the entire development process of the game at Valve. I hope you enjoy it. The story features interviews with Gabe Newell, Stephen Merchant (the voice of Wheatley), and many of the other talented Valve employees who had a hand in bringing the game to life. You can download the app here on iTunes or visit the website, for more information.

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  1. Tyler Says:

    I just want to thank you for all of the hard work and excellent writing in this story. This is exactly the storytelling and behind the scenes looks that we do not get enough of in games journalism. I applaud your effort and humbly request more of this type of work, I will gladly be there day one the enjoy it. Again, thank you and keep the good work coming.

  2. Rod Says:

    Hi Geoff

    Just finished your app and thoroughly enjoyed it on many levels. Being taken inside Valve was a unique insight into how such a team of brilliant minds innovate, then throw a rope around that innovation so it doesn’t spiral into the realm of the unmanageable.

    As a journalist trying tommanage digital innovation in Australia, I found this aspect of your app most informative.

    And the bespoke style of what you have done here is most refreshing in a world where mass media is templated on this platform to the point where innovative story telling is stifled. So thanks for showing there are other ways to tell a long form story.

    Best of luck with the next venture. I’m off to play Portal 1 – it feels wrong to jump the gun and go straight to the second instalment – and thanks again for publishing this app.

  3. altercuca Says:

    awesome job Geoff! thank you very much

  4. Joben Says:

    Was honestly expecting this to be something mediocre, but it turned out to be a fascinating read. Good work Geoff.

  5. TFV Says:

    I’m most definitely getting this!

    Is this a one time thing or will there be other final hours ??

  6. Adair Fulweber Says:

    This was amazing! I loved this little digital book thingeh! GOOD JOB MAN!

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