GDC 09: Two Talks Announced

blog_gdc09Last week it was announced that I’ll be part of two keynote talks at this year’s Game Developers Conference in March.  In both cases I’ll be interviewing noted figures in the game business.

First, at Dean Takahashi’s GamesBeat conference I’ll sit down for a fireside chat with Seamus Blackley, head of the Games Department at CAA.  Seamus and his department represent some of the biggest game developers including Tim Schafer, Will Wright, Ken Levine and many others.  All the Hollywood agencies have tried to “figure out” the games business, but CAA, unquestionably, has had the most success.  Seamus and I will be having a “fireside chat” at the conference during lunch on March 24th.

Then at GDC proper I am honored to be a part of the keynote of the Game Career seminar.  I’ll be interviewing Emil Pagliarulo, lead designer of Fallout 3 — one of the best games of 2008.  Emil, a former game journalist, will tell us about the multi-year odyssey of Fallout 3’s development and explain his unique careeer path in the gaming business.  Since GDC is, at its heart, a conference for developers and a job fair, I’m excited to help the audience learn what it takes to build one of the most decorated games in recent memory.

If you have any questions to ask Seamus or Emil, leave them in the comments.

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