Battlefield Bad Company 2 Reveal Tomorrow on GTTV

Tomorrow night GTTV returns on Spike with a big episode: The single-player reveal of BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2. We’ll show you the game’s new trailer (set to Queens of the Stone Age!), two levels from the campaign, plus a look at one of the game’s cutscenes. (The cutscenes look great, in the vein of Uncharted 2). EA has made no secret of its desire to dethrone Modern Warfare 2 with Bad Company 2. That’s a tall order for the team at DICE, but tomorrow night you’ll get to judge if EA is on the right path. You’ll see tons of action, destruction and vehicle chases in the footage we’re showing on GTTV. Plus, we also have an exclusive new clip from “The Homecoming,” a Halo anime on the upcoming Halo Legends DVD/BluRay. Tune into GTTV Thursday night at 12:30 on Spike.

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