God of War 3 GTTV: Don’t Miss It!

This is one GTTV episode you don’t want to miss!  Last week I visited Sony Santa Monica for a first look at GOD OF WAR 3, which is coming out on March 16 for the PS3.  You’ve seen the demo and the trailer, but now we’re showing off tons of the final game.  Wait until you see the sense of scale (like the Cronos battle) and the amazing in-game action.  When you watch this episode remember that nothing is pre-rendered CGI, it’s all in-game footage.  I’ve been lucky enough to play GOW3 and I must say it’s the best God of War yet.

2 Responses to “God of War 3 GTTV: Don’t Miss It!”

  1. divesh Says:

    Nice game but nat a donload for mobile

  2. HG Says:

    Always exciting when a new (and cool-looking) game comes out. Recall the World of Warcraft craze? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-05-06/activision-says-first-quarter-profit-doubles-on-call-of-duty- warcraft-.html

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