Rise of the Videogame (Discovery Channel)
With World of Wonder Productions, I wrote and co-produced the landmark 5-hour Discovery Channel documentary “I, Videogame” that aired in the Fall of 2007 around the world. (It was renamed “Rise of the Videogame” in the US). The show was an exhaustive look back at the history of videogames with a special focus on the cultural impact of games.

Entertainment Weekly
For the past 8 years I’ve written for Entertainment Weekly about the gaming industry — reviews, features, and interviews. We’ve gone through spurts with lots of coverage (2 pages a week in 2001-2004) and the latest strategy, which is primarily focused on the website EW.com with some print coverage.  Over the years I’ve written feature stories on everything from Will Wright to Halo 2, and interviewed the likes of Nintendo god Shigeru Miyamoto.

GameSpot’s Behind the Games Series
During college I wrote a landmark series of articles on game development, sometimes spanning up to 20,000 words. GameSpot still has an archive of them posted, including the most famous ones such as “The Final Hours of Metal Gear Solid 2” with Hideo Kojima, “The Final Hours of Half-Life 2,” and “Haunted Glory,” the tale of the rise and fall of Trilobyte, the creators of the 7th Guest. One day soon I hope to return to this series in a whole new way.  I miss it.

TIME / Business 2.0
Lest we forget TIME’s Business 2.0 magazine. After college the editor, Josh Quittner, recruited me to cover the gaming beat for a magazine that unfortunately no longer exists. Over the course of 4 years I wrote a series of business stories including profiles of Xbox’s Peter Moore, a look at Nintendo’s troubles with the GameCube with Satoru Iwata (before the Wii), a profile of EA CEO Larry Probst, and some non-gaming stories as well, including a piece that dissected the business behind DrudgeReport.com and one of the stories I’m most proud of, a look at how Cirque du Soleil manages creativity.

When gaming was still at its core, between 2005 and 2007 I worked as a host and producer at Comcast’s G4. I anchored the talk-show G4TV.com, guest-hosted shows like Attack of the Show, and served as a host for special event coverage including E3 and the launch of the Xbox 360.

Electric Playground
I got my start on television back in 2002, working as a correspondent for Victor Lucas on the Canadian produced “Electric Playground.” I first met Victor back in 1995 when I was a kid in Toronto working as a consultant on a TV show, “Life on the Digital Edge.”  Electric Playground aired for many years on G4 and continues to air on Canadian cable.