GTTV Heads to DICE for Call of Duty and Resident Evil

Make sure to check out this week’s GTTV from the DICE Convention in Las Vegas.  It airs this Friday on Spike.  We have an all-star group of guests and some big exclusives including:

– Todd Howard from Bethesda who chats with us about the success of Fallout 3.  Find out which mini-game was removed from Fallout 3 before release.  Todd also updates up on the next Fallout 3 DLC and shares some exciting news about it.

– The world exclusive first look at the downloadable content for CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR.  We’ll show you three of the maps in action for the first time anywhere. WORLD OF WAR is still topping the Xbox Live charts and fans are going to love the new maps.

– If you’re a fan of Burnout, you’ll definitely want to see the announcement trailer for SPLIT SECOND from Black Rock Studios, the creators of the E3-award winning Pure.  This is another example of GTTV breaking news about a game before it’s even officially announced to the public!

– We’ll debut the first trailer for the sequel to Steven Spielberg’s BOOM BOX on the Wii, entitled BOOM BLOX BASH PARTY.

– We’ve got a brand new trailer for the Wii exclusive first person shooter THE CONDUIT.

– Also, I catch up with id’s Todd Hollenshead about Rage, Doom 4 (or as he corrects me, the game only known as “DOOM”), and Quake Live.  Todd gives some very interesting hints, especially about Doom 4 and confirms when you WON’T be seeing Rage.

– And finally, RESIDENT EVIL 5 producer Takeuchi-san joins me to world premiere a couple boss battles from the game.  You only have a week left to wait.

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  1. Abraham Q. Says:

    As always, all the games I care about are in GTTV: Resident Evil 5 and The Conduit. Looking forward to the show.

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