Watch GTTV on Alpha Protocol, The Pitt

We’ve now posted this week’s GameTrailers TV episode.  We filmed down at Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, CA and focuses on Alpha Protocol, a new action/RPG.  It definitely feels a lot like BioWare’s Mass Effect, but I’m intrigued by the combination of action and storytelling.  The real question is whether Obsidian will be able to deliver the quality of third-person action we expect from a shooter like Gears of War 2.  (Feargus, the head of the studio, says they are using the Unreal Engine to make sure the action feels good).  But the concept is dead-on: A Jason Bourne-style action/adventure with deep dialogue and RPG elements.  The game is expected to come out this Fall and I’ll be watching it closely.

This week you’ll also see the first trailer for The Pitt, the new Fallout 3 DLC coming out on March 27th.  This one is set in Pittsburgh, and, as you’ll see from the trailer, has a very different vibe from Fallout 3 and the recent Alaska-themed expansion.  A lot of companies are experimenting with different DLC models, but so far I am impressed with the frequency and variety of Bethesda’s approach.  The real question is how long fans will stay interested in paying for new Fallout missions.  From talking to Todd Howard at DICE, I get the feeling Bethesda is planning more than just the first batch of 3 DLC packs, assuming of course, the fans keep downloading them.

Stay tuned for news on next week’s episode of GTTV, which we just filmed in Madison, Wisconsin.  We’ll be going behind the scenes of WOLFENSTEIN, a long-awaited game that I first heard about back in 2005.  It’s going to be worth the wait though, and you’ll see a trailer, cutscenes, and a brand new trailer during the show.  Yes, that’s right: an id/Raven game with it’s own cutcenes.  And they look great.  More details soon.

[GameTrailers TV Episode 205]

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    Great job man (Applause). I love video games, GTTV, and Spike VGAS.

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