Sneak Preview of This Week’s GTTV: Wolfenstein

Here’s a sneak preview of this Friday night’s GTTV, where we head to Raven Software in chilly Madison, Wisconsin for a first look at Wolfenstein.  I remember first talking to Todd Hollenshead of id about this game back at X05 in Barcelona, Spain!  It has been long in development, but I think you will be very impressed by what you see.  The guys at Raven always do solid work, but I was blown away by the attention to detail and the storytelling, which is something new for id and Raven.  Yes, Wolfenstein contains a ton of real-time cutscenes and we’ll be showing them off during the show.  And that’s not all: We also have 10 minutes of gameplay, a great new trailer (told from the Nazi perspective), and the reveal of a boss you’ll face off against in the game.   So far it looks like Wolfenstein will be worth the wait — but you can judge yourself when we world premiere the first gameplay on Friday.

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  1. Abraham Q. Says:

    Looking forward to it. Also next week’s episode will be cool at GDC 09, I hope you ask Reggie some hard questions…

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