Sneak Preview of This Week’s GTTV from Bioware

Below you can view a sneak preview of this week’s GameTrailers TV we shot up at Bioware in Edmonton, Canada.  We’ll be focusing on both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.  For Dragon Age, you’ll get a glimpse at a new part of the game and meet the undead!  And for Mass Effect 2, project director Casey Hudson gives his first interview about the game, the teaser trailer floating around on the Internet, and yes, even drops some hints about what to expect from the story.  You might even see some new characters and vehicles for the first time.  When it comes to our Mass Effect 2 segment, you’ll want to watch it very carefully….so set up your TIVO.

3 Responses to “Sneak Preview of This Week’s GTTV from Bioware”

  1. GotEmRunnin Says:

    Jeff any hints on that teaser for the mystery game that’ll air later tonight on GTtv????

  2. GotEmRunnin Says:

    Oops. Sorry for typing your name wrong Geoff. My boss was coming this way…..

  3. Libby Says:

    Walking in the presence of gtains here. Cool thinking all around!

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