Watch GTTV from Bioware Featuring Mass Effect 2

blog-biowareWant the latest news on Bioware? You can now watch this week’s episode of GTTV, which we filmed last week up at Bioware in Edmonton, Canada.  We have brand new footage of Dragon Age: Origins, and the first information on Mass Effect 2 from project director Casey Hudson.  When it comes to Mass Effect 2, watch the segment very carefully as Bioware drops a lot of hints in the footage you see.  Is that the Illusive Man in some of the concept art?  What about the Mako vehicle — does it now hover? And Casey drops a pretty big hint about the storyline when he says there’s a good chance you play Mass Effect 2 from multiple perspectives. (Yes, that brings back memories of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Halo 2, or even Knights of the Old Republic).

I’m really excited to learn more about ME2. All the speculation about the storyline shows that the fiction is very deep and compelling, and I have no doubt there are more surprises yet to be revealed.  On Monday we will be posting an extended cut of my interview with Casey on GameTrailers so you can see what didn’t make the half-hour show.

This episode also contains a number of world exclusive trailers such as RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME, BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2, GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, the opening cinematic from TERMINATOR SALVATION, and news that you can download the interactive Killzone 2 commercial this Thursday for free on PSN.

[GameTrailers TV Episode from Bioware]

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  1. Cyborger Says:

    Another great GTTV! I can’t wait for Mass Effect 2!

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