Army of Two Sequel and Dan Ackroyd on GTTV

This Thursday night on Spike you can check out our latest episode of GTTV.  This one takes you behind the scenes of Army of Two: 40th Day at EA Montreal.  The first game didn’t receive the best reviews, but the team has taken the feedback to heart and delivered a game that looks to have tighter controls, epic scenarios, and great co-op moments.  We’ll be showing you the first gameplay footage and an epic trailer (edited by Ant Farm, the guys who produced the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare reveal trailer).

If that’s not enough, the show is packed with other exclusives.  The first gameplay footage of Saboteur from Pandemic; we chat with Dan Ackroyd about Ghostbusters: The Videogame and reveal a new boss character; the brand new trailer for Brutal Legend starring Jack Black (you’re going to LOVE this one); the first trailer for the new XBLA/PSN game Star Trek: D.A.C.; and we chat with Madden cover athlete Troy Polamalu.  It’s an epic GTTV, so make sure to check it out on Thursday night at 12:30 on Spike.

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