New GTTV: Dante’s Inferno First Gameplay

This week on GTTV we gave viewers a first look at the gameplay of Dante’s Inferno.  The game comes from Visceral, the same group behind last year’s surprise hit Dead Space.  It’s due out in early 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

2 Responses to “New GTTV: Dante’s Inferno First Gameplay”

  1. Daniel Casio Says:


    I was wondering, are you Jeff Keeley? Who used to do reviews 10 years ago on gaming websites?

    if so why the name change? A tribute to Neo ‘Geo’??

  2. Aaron Miller Says:

    Dante’s Inferno looks pretty easy to sum up: the Xbox 360’s God of War. It looks like the exact same gameplay, just with Hell replacing Greece as the setting.

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