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Watch GTTV from Bioware Featuring Mass Effect 21 Comment

blog-biowareWant the latest news on Bioware? You can now watch this week’s episode of GTTV, which we filmed last week up at Bioware in Edmonton, Canada.  We have brand new footage of Dragon Age: Origins, and the first information on Mass Effect 2 from project director Casey Hudson.  When it comes to Mass Effect 2, watch the segment very carefully as Bioware drops a lot of hints in the footage you see.  Is that the Illusive Man in some of the concept art?  What about the Mako vehicle — does it now hover? And Casey drops a pretty big hint about the storyline when he says there’s a good chance you play Mass Effect 2 from multiple perspectives. (Yes, that brings back memories of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Halo 2, or even Knights of the Old Republic).

I’m really excited to learn more about ME2. All the speculation about the storyline shows that the fiction is very deep and compelling, and I have no doubt there are more surprises yet to be revealed.  On Monday we will be posting an extended cut of my interview with Casey on GameTrailers so you can see what didn’t make the half-hour show.

This episode also contains a number of world exclusive trailers such as RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME, BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2, GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, the opening cinematic from TERMINATOR SALVATION, and news that you can download the interactive Killzone 2 commercial this Thursday for free on PSN.

[GameTrailers TV Episode from Bioware]

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  • Another great GTTV! I can't wait for Mass Effect 2! More»
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Sneak Preview of This Week’s GTTV from Bioware3 Comments

Below you can view a sneak preview of this week’s GameTrailers TV we shot up at Bioware in Edmonton, Canada.  We’ll be focusing on both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.  For Dragon Age, you’ll get a glimpse at a new part of the game and meet the undead!  And for Mass Effect 2, project director Casey Hudson gives his first interview about the game, the teaser trailer floating around on the Internet, and yes, even drops some hints about what to expect from the story.  You might even see some new characters and vehicles for the first time.  When it comes to our Mass Effect 2 segment, you’ll want to watch it very carefully….so set up your TIVO.

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  • Walking in the presence of gtains here. Cool thinking all around! More»
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GTTV: Wolfenstein Unveiled, Watch the Episode NowNo Comments


BJ Blazkowicz is back!  You can now watch this week’s episode of GTTV on the return of Wolfenstein, which we filmed out at Raven Software in Madison, WI.  You’ll see the first gameplay, in addition to a brand new trailer, boss reveal, and a look at how Raven is approaching this long-in-development sequel. If you listen carefully you’ll also hear why the game has been in development so long. It first started as an open-world first-person shooter, an idea which has been significantly scaled back in the final product.

I’ve always been a big fan of Raven and co-founders Brian and Steve Raffell. (Little known fact: I launched GameSlice back in 1996 with a first look at Hexen, the sequel to Heretic that was produced at Raven).  After the shoot I played Wolf for a couple of hours at their office, and was impressed with how much is layer on top of the raw action.  The veil powers add a unique element of strategy, and the third person story/cutscenes add significant production value — something I wasn’t expecting from id and Raven. Even the opening of the game, with BJ arriving on a train, reminds me of the opening of Half-Life.

The singleplayer game on Xbox 360 feels very polished, which makes me think the rumored summer release won’t be a problem. Although we haven’t seen anything yet on multiplayer, which is being developed externally by some ex-Splash Damage folks.  One tidbit: Brian Raffell did disclose that veil powers will be featured in multiplayer, so I’ll be curious to see how slow motion works online.

Make sure to check out the show — Raven provided us with a ton of new gameplay footage and assets, so you get a really good overview of the game, storyline and details.

[Watch GameTrailers TV Episode 206 in HD]

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Sneak Preview of This Week’s GTTV: Wolfenstein1 Comment

Here’s a sneak preview of this Friday night’s GTTV, where we head to Raven Software in chilly Madison, Wisconsin for a first look at Wolfenstein.  I remember first talking to Todd Hollenshead of id about this game back at X05 in Barcelona, Spain!  It has been long in development, but I think you will be very impressed by what you see.  The guys at Raven always do solid work, but I was blown away by the attention to detail and the storytelling, which is something new for id and Raven.  Yes, Wolfenstein contains a ton of real-time cutscenes and we’ll be showing them off during the show.  And that’s not all: We also have 10 minutes of gameplay, a great new trailer (told from the Nazi perspective), and the reveal of a boss you’ll face off against in the game.   So far it looks like Wolfenstein will be worth the wait — but you can judge yourself when we world premiere the first gameplay on Friday.

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  • Looking forward to it. Also next week's episode will be cool at GDC 09, I hope you ask Reggie some … More»
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Watch GTTV on Alpha Protocol, The Pitt1 Comment

We’ve now posted this week’s GameTrailers TV episode.  We filmed down at Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, CA and focuses on Alpha Protocol, a new action/RPG.  It definitely feels a lot like BioWare’s Mass Effect, but I’m intrigued by the combination of action and storytelling.  The real question is whether Obsidian will be able to deliver the quality of third-person action we expect from a shooter like Gears of War 2.  (Feargus, the head of the studio, says they are using the Unreal Engine to make sure the action feels good).  But the concept is dead-on: A Jason Bourne-style action/adventure with deep dialogue and RPG elements.  The game is expected to come out this Fall and I’ll be watching it closely.

This week you’ll also see the first trailer for The Pitt, the new Fallout 3 DLC coming out on March 27th.  This one is set in Pittsburgh, and, as you’ll see from the trailer, has a very different vibe from Fallout 3 and the recent Alaska-themed expansion.  A lot of companies are experimenting with different DLC models, but so far I am impressed with the frequency and variety of Bethesda’s approach.  The real question is how long fans will stay interested in paying for new Fallout missions.  From talking to Todd Howard at DICE, I get the feeling Bethesda is planning more than just the first batch of 3 DLC packs, assuming of course, the fans keep downloading them.

Stay tuned for news on next week’s episode of GTTV, which we just filmed in Madison, Wisconsin.  We’ll be going behind the scenes of WOLFENSTEIN, a long-awaited game that I first heard about back in 2005.  It’s going to be worth the wait though, and you’ll see a trailer, cutscenes, and a brand new trailer during the show.  Yes, that’s right: an id/Raven game with it’s own cutcenes.  And they look great.  More details soon.

[GameTrailers TV Episode 205]

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  • Great job man (Applause). I love video games, GTTV, and Spike VGAS. More»
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Fallout 3 The Pitt DLC Trailer on GTTV This Friday1 Comment

Fallout 3's The Pitt DLC

We’re excited to announce that this Friday’s GTTV will include the world premiere trailer for The Pitt, the new Fallout 3 DLC for Xbox 360.  The trailer looks great, and once again the team at Bethesda has come up with a DLC pack that feels completely different from the original game and the recent Operation Anchorage.

We will have more details on this week’s GTTV on Wednesday, but get ready for a blowout episode on Alpha Protocol, the new action-RPG from Obisidian Entertainment, creators of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.

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  • Really looking forward to seeing the preview. I love Fallout3!! More»
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